Programs in Russia

Amazing! Nine Hours on the plane and it is still Russia!


Siberia is a vast area lying at to the east of the Urals. It is rather more an image then a geografical concept: snow, frost, huge distances, wildness. Actually Siberia is various and many-sided.


Mountain Altai


"Golden mountains" (from Mongolian word "altan"). Really there is gold here. All sorts of tourists and ramblers can find here something to their expectation. Rafters are waited by famous white-water river Katun', trekkers and climbers - by region of highest peak of the Altais - nice peak Belukha, horse-riders - by nice quiet Altai horses.


The Lake Baikal


Is a real gem and miracle of Eastern Siberia and not only. Having 1.637 m depth, the lake Baikal is the world deepest lake. It holds 17% of the world fresh water. Crystal clear water allows visibility down 40 m. Excursion in the Baikal Area can include boat trips on the lake, horse riding, trekking, jeep tours, fishing and hunting, special tours (birds and animals view tours in wild nature). Of course - meeting locals including mysterious meeting with shaman on the shore of the lake.




Volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, and of course "Edge of the Earth"! It was discovered by the Russian Cossacks 350 years ago. But it is still unknown terrain. Being totally closed for the foreigners 10 years ago now it welcomes everybody to explore its beauty. There are more than 300 volcanoes (29 active), numerous number of the hot springs, world wide famous Valley of Geysers, wild untouched nature, nice rivers with plenty of salmon, wonderful opportunity to see wild big Kamchatka bears in natural surrounding.




- Kamchatka

  • Climbing the volcanoes
  • Rafting along the Kamchatka's rivers, fishing salmon
  • Helicopter excursions: to the Valley of Geysers, to the Kurilskoye Lake, etc.
  • Winter adventures, including the New Year Celebration
  • Heli ski from the top of the volcanoes
  • Expedition to the highest active volcano of Eurasia Ц Klyuchevskaya Sopka

- Lake Baikal

  • Cruises around Lake Baikal
  • Explore the nature of famous National Parks of the Baikal region
  • Trek, horse riding, rafting tours in the Baikal region
  • Getting acquainted with traditions and customs of nations of the Baikal region Ц visit Irkutsk, Buriat villages, the villages of Old Believers, meeting shaman, etc.
  • Winter adventures, including New Year Celebration

- The Altai Mountains

  • Trekking programs in the different regions of the Altai Mountains, including        Mt Belukha (4506m), the highest peak of Siberia
  • Horse riding in the Altai taiga forests
  • Rafting along the great "White Water" rivers (Katun', Chuya, Bashkaus, etc.)
  • Climbing Mount Belukha, Aktru region
  • Visits to the mountain lakes of Altai (famous Teletskoye Lake, Shavlinskie, etc.)
  • Various range of excursions during programs  

- Caucasus

  • Climbing Mount ElbrusЦ the highest peak of Europe
  • Combined tours (treks, rafting, horse riding) in different regions of Caucasus
  • Climbing programs

- North Siberia

  • Super exotic Ц "Lost World" Ц Plateau Putorana

- North Russia

  • Tours in Karelia, Arkhangelsk region, Kola Peninsula Ц unique North nature
  • Visit Kizhi Ц Museum of the Wooden Architecture in the open air, Nature Parks
  • Distinctive wooden architecture and culture of North Russia!
  • Helicopter and ship excursions to Solovetski Islands, Valaam Islands

- Trans-Siberian Railway Journey with stops

- Moscow and St Petersburg

  • Excursions, horse riding, various amusements
  • Star City and star programs,  Avia tours, flights on supersonic aircrafts
  • Any tours upon request.