Great Patriotic War tour



WWII is a great historial event which must be memorized by all generations and countries.

The tour is designed to introduce tourists the history of the War in details (key historical events, military uniform, archive, photos, documents, weapons, tanks, guns, emblems and medals etc.)




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 Fri  - Moscow


Arrival in Moscow

Transfer by car to the hotel National

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Guided excursions by car: visiting Tank Museum in Kubinka.

Tank museum is one of the largest tank museums not only in the town of Kubinka but in the whole world. The museum resembles a small town that composes of a square in front of the entrance, a central street and side streets.

Tourists will see the largest collection of Soviet and Russian tanks as well as the tanks imported from abroad such as German tanks of Wehrmacht, the American and British tanks and the tanks of other countries.

Three pavillions of Soviet tanks are familiar almost to everyone by numerous movies about all wars of the second half of the XX century. For instance Second World War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Afgan War, two Chechen wars and Iraq War.

The tanks of the museum widely used in military operations in all of these wars.

Departure back to Moscow for an excursion in the Museum of Defense of Moscow. Founded in 1979 in honor of the defendants of Moscow city, the museum commemorates the largest battle of the WWII.

The museum has a big collection of oufit, weapons, newspapers, letters, photographs, postcards, stamps, badges, rare books, artwork, models, household items, appliances and other objects of the Soviet and German production embodied the WWII.

End of excursions in the hotel.



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Excursions by car to Poklonnaya Hills one of the main attractions of the capital of Russia which memorialized the victims of the WWII.

Walk in the Victory park a part of memorial of WWII situated at the city-center close to other attractions such as GULAG museum, WWII museum and Poklonnaya Hills. This is a popular relaxation spot for both Muscovites and guests.

Tourists can visit here the Museum of WWII established on 9 May 1995 - the 50th anniversary of Victory and conveniently located at the park of Victory. The museum features 6 dioramas dedicated to the most important battles of the war and audiovisual complexes of the authentic newsreels of 1941-1945 as well as photos and archives.

Visit to the exhibition of military technique in Victory Park where tourists can admire with the most outstanding military objects of WWII.

An excursion in the Museum of GULAG - a memorial museum of a history of political repression, composed of sections each of them dedicated to historical documentary, art and prizoners' life in contractional camp.

Tourists will see a wide diversity of prisoners' clothes, camp dishes, bullets shells found at the places of mass execution.  

End of excursions in the hotel


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Sightseeing tour round Moscow with photostops (without Poklonnaya Hills):  Red Square, views of St Basil Cathedral, view of Lenin Mausoleum, GUM the most popular and visited attractions of the city of Moscow. Red Square is the main square in the capital of Russia where the centres of government, history and religion are located - Kremlin, GUM Department Store, State Historical Museum and St. Basils Cathedral.

Visiting Kremlin and Cathedrals, excursion to Armory Chamber. During the excursion you will see the great collection of Russian and foreign objects of decorative and applied arts - ancient weapon and armors, golden and silver items of the XII-XVIIII centuries, jewelry, precious textiles, needlework, Old-Russian books with miniatures, horse harness, ceremonials carriages, state regalias.

End of excursions in the hotel

Departure from SVO-D airport to Volgograd by plane SU 729 at 22:05

Arrival in Volgograd and transfer to Volgograd-Intourist hotel at 01:00

Overnight in the hotel


Buffet breakfast in the hotel

Full day of excursions in Volgograd: Museum on Mamaev Hill, factory district (North districts of the city) where you can see the following monuments and squares: Square of Those who Fought to Death, Alley of Pyramidal Poplars, Ruined walls, Square of the Heroes, Hall of the Warrior Glory, military memorial cemetery, Square of Sorrow, and the main monument on the top of the hill where you can see a compositional center of the whole ensemble, the sculpture Mother Russia calls for!

Visit Grain Elevator which was of a strategical importance during the Battle of Stalingrad as well-defended Soviet strong point.  

Excursion in Museum-Panorama "Stalingrad battle" the united historical and memorial complex where you will see the museum The Battle of Stalingrad, the panorama the defeat of the German-fascist troops by Stalingrad and the ruines of the Mill. There are displayed such exponents as posters, leaflets, orders of the headquarters, photos, weapons, map-schemes, letters, personal belongings of the figners.

End of excursions in the hotel, overnight


Buffet breakfast in the hotel

Departure with guide and car for excursions to Don river, visit Kalach and "Meeting of the armies" memorial, the Don bridge where you will have a wonderful view on Don river and Soldiers Field which depicted a bronze girl rushed to the common grave of Soviet soldiers who died in mine field.

Having a rest and overnight in the hotel


Buffet breakfast in the hotel

Departure with guide by foot for excursions with a cruise along Volga river. You will see towns and small settlements preserved the history of many generations.

Transfer to the airport to take a flight to Moscow with car and assistant`

Departure to Moscow by flight SU-2070 at 18.30

Arrival in Moscow, SVO-D airport from Volgograd

Transfer to the hotel by car

Accommodation in the hotel National


Buffet breakfast in the hotel

Departure with guide and car for excursions: Central Museum of Army Forces one of the most magnificent museums that best represents the military history. Here you can see an invaluable Victory banner, personal belongings of famous military leaders, trophies of WWII.

Visit Izmailovsky Market for shopping a true paradise for souvenirs purchase! Here you can find a lot of souvenirs and antiques and can bargain to get a good deal.

An excursion in Novodevichi convent with Cemetery one of the most renowned and marvelous Moscow convents.

You can see several churches within the convent: Cathedral of the Virgin of Smolensk (Sobor Smolenskoy Bogomateri), red-and-white Church of the Assumption (Uspenskaya tserkov), Church of St. Ambrose, the Gate- Church of the Transfiguration (Preobrazhenskaya tserkov), the Gate-Church of the Intercession (Pokrovskaya tserkov), Novodevichy Cemetery where prominent people of Russia of XIX, XX and XXI centuries were buried.

End of excursions in the hotel.

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Transfer to the airport DME of Moscow

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