About Moscow


     There is hardly one person in the world who has never heard about Moscow. A great city, the capital of independent Russia, during more than 860 years of its existence (the city was founded in 1147 by Prince Yuri Dolgorukiy), grew from a small town on the banks of the calm Moskva river into a giant city with a population of more than 10 million people and an area of more than 900 square km.


      All the stages of the complex, diverse history of our huge beautiful country, which spreads from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, left their traces in Moscows appearance. The calm and stately ancient monasteries are situated close to the awkward bulks of the Stalin Gothic. The elegant mansions, built in modern style, are the neighbours of the Soviet skyscrapers on the New Arbat. And, certainly, the Kremlin - the heart and the symbol of Russia. Today we are the witnesses of a new stage in Moscows life: the streets and squares of Moscow get back their historical names, more and more neon ads of famous foreign companies and firms are shining in the streets of Moscow, private stores and restaurants are going into business. Here in Moscow, more than anywhere else, one can feel the atmosphere of all these changes, which have already captivated the attention of the whole world for few years and are called the Renaissance of Russia.


      Now Moscow has become even more interesting for tourists: only now, only in this city you can see with your own eyes how the history of a great country is being created.


      And, certainly, the doors of all hotels, restaurants and cafes, night and sport clubs, numerous museums, galleries and theatres are open for you, and their staff is happy to welcome you.