Russian visa types

There are five types of Russian travel visas: Tourist, Transit, Business, Student, Private or Homestay. The most used and convenient are tourist and business visas.


6 month passport validity is essential condition for all types of russian visas.

T o u r i s t  V i s a


This visa type is issued to travellers, who visit Russia for the purpose of sightseeing, relaxation or other unofficial purposes. Tourist visas are issued for maximum of 30 days. This type of visa is valid for a  period of your hotel booking only.


Following documents are required to apply for russian tourist visa (for further information contact your Russian Consulate):

  • a valid passport with at least 6 month validity remaining (after departure date) and enough space to insert a visa
  • 3 recent photos 2x2 cm
  • supporting documents
  • completed Russian travel visa application form
  • Russian visa fee payment (check in your nearest Russian Consulate for prices)


The main reason to apply for russian visa is visa support letter. We can provide you with this service only in case of booking any other service (transfer) by us.


B u s i n e s s  V i s a


This type of visa is issued for travelers who visit Russia on official or private business. There are different types of business visa:

  • One month singe entry visa
  • Three month single entry visa
  • Three month double entry visa
  • Six month multy visa
  • Twelve month multy visa

This type of visa also requires supporting documents from the receiving party or company.


T r a n s i t  V i s a


Here is regulation for this type of visa:


  • Transit travel through territory of the Russian Federation is carried out, as a rule, without the right on a stop. Transit travel through territory of the Russian Federation of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the state of purpose is authorized by all types of transport after presentation of the Russian transit visa.
  • Transit travel through territory of the Russian Federation without the visa is authorized to the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship in cases, if they: 1) make through-flight by air transport through territory of the Russian Federation; 2) follow by the plane of the international airline with change at the airport in territory of the Russian Federation and have properly made out documents on the right of entrance to the state of purpose and the air ticket with the confirmed date of the start from the airport
  • Stay more than 24 hours admits as the compelled stop within the limits of settlement owing to approach of the following circumstances: 1) the acts of nature detaining movement of a train, the vehicle, a vessel or the plane; 2) necessities of repair of the corresponding vehicle damaged as a result of damage of its any parts or as a result of transport incident; 3) illnesses if on the conclusion of the doctor the further following of the patient is represented dangerous. 4) Unforeseen delays at change from one type of transport on another in item of change. In case of the compelled stop registration of stay on territories of the Russian Federation and prolongation of validity of the transit Russian visa are made by law-enforcement body in a place of the compelled stop under the application of foreign citizens or persons without citizenship.

You also need to have visa support documents from russian travel company to apply for this type of visa.

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