Sochi - New capital of Olympics


     Sochi - is a resort of federal value and behind the scenes it is the summer capital of Russia. The lush subtropical vegetation, soft climate and warm Black Sea make it attractive for holidaymakers and tourists from all over the world.

     But in 2014 Sochi hosted XXII Winter Olympic and Paralympic games. It was first time in Russian history.

     And Sochi became real Capital of Winter Olympic games.


We are happy to invite you to touch post-Olympic Sochi with its Olympic park at the shore of Black Sea and Krasnaya Polyana with mountain part of Olympics.


There are number of modern high level hotels both at the sea shore and in the mountains


Our 4 days and 3 days programs will suit your needs and can be base for discussion.



Here you can find and download short presentation  (in PDF, 5,5 MB) about Sochi and its present facilities.



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