Dates from the end of the 11th century. In the 12th - 14th centuries it was one of the most powerful towns of the ancient Russia. There are more then 70 pieces of old Russian archirecture dating from the mid-12th to the mid-18th century on the area of 9 sq km. The Kremlin grounds, the Archibishop's Palace, Spaso-Yevfimievsky Monastery, the Convent of the Intersession, Museum of the Wooden Architecture in the open air.


On coming to Suzdal you would hardly figure out that you are in town, for everywhere there are churches, wooden and half-brick private houses with vegetable gardens, and there is almost country-side quietness. But it is therein that the charm of Suzdal lies. Not only did Suzdal retain the spirit of olden times but it also remained within the XVIII century town boundaries.


The Kremlin is located on a winding bank of the Kamenka river in the heart of the old town. Within the Kremlin are several of the most important monuments of old Suzdal: the Kremlin rampart (XI-XII centuries), the Cathedral of the Nativity (XIII-XVI centuries, its frescoes dating back to the XIII, XV, XVII centuries, and iconostasis to the XVII century), the cathedral bell tower with a tent-shaped roof (1635).




Today the town is an outstanding architectural museum, containing more examples of period architecture than any other Russian town, and its original architectural topography was retained. The town population is 12,000. Tourism here is high, not only because of the educational value of the locale, but also because Suzdal has preserved a picturesque timelessness which visitors find interesting as well as relaxing.


Convent of the Intercession was founded in 1364. Its structures date back to the XVI-XVII centuries, and its walls - to the end of the XVII century. The crypt of the Cathedral of the Intercession contains the tombs of royal and high-ranking women banished to the convent. Alexandra - daughter of Ivan III, Solomonia Saburova- wife of Vasily III, Anna Vasilchikova - wife of Ivan IV (the Terrible) were buried here. Evdokia Lopukhina - first wife of Peter the Great spent nineteen years of her life in the convent.


Convent of the Intercession

Museum of Wooden Architecture



 Hotels in Suzdal

Pushkarskaya Sloboda hotel is the only 4-stars hotel in Vladimir region and one of the two all over the Golden Ring of Russia. The main destinction of the hotel is the architectural composition that composes of the monuments of XiX century, new buildings of modern style represented by wooden houses. Everyone can feel the spirit of antiquity combined with the atmosphere of russian village. The complex is located in a close distance from the historical and architectural monuments of Suzdal that allows its guests to enjoy beauty and touch the history of the city.

Friendly staff, high standards of service combined with unique design of interiors create perfect conditions both for work and leisure. The hotel would be an ideal place of staying for those  guests eager to join the Russian culture and explore all the wonders of Suzdal.



Goryachiye Klyuchi is another popular place for foreign guests of Suzdal known for its convenient location in the centre of the city surrounded by a beautiful landscape with its own pond. The hotel complex based at the place known for its spring water. The complex composes of 2 comfortable hotels- Goryachiye Klyuchi and Bashenki built in accordance with the contemporary requirements, 29 rooms equipped with air conditioning systems, 2 guest houses, billiard hall, SPA-salon, 1 playroom, skating rink with artificial ice, conference-hall for up to 250 seats, Russian restaurant, traditional Russian baths. Goryachiye Klyuchi complex represents revival of bath traditions in Russia. The territory of the complex is a traditional place for holding events, weekend tours, feasts.



Hotel & tourist complex Tourcentre is located in 250 km away from Moscow surrounded by Kamenka river with the most extended territory for an ideal rest and opportunities for arranging various corporate events. The hotel complex includes hotel Suzdal that can accommodate up to 290 guests, lodge and motels located near Suzdal hotel. Each of the 2-floors motels offers you tripple and quadruple rooms. Motels would be a perfect match for owners of vehicles. At your disposal will be a well-developed infrastructure that includes 3 restaurants, lobby-bar, cafe, swimming-pool, sauna, wellness studio, concert hall, billiard, bowling, night club and parking.