GPN General meetings

Spring 2014 - Tampa, Clearwater, Florida

Hosted by Escot Bus Lines

Group photo



Work and evening activities




Fall 2013 - Luxemburg

Hosted by Emile Weber

Group photo


Visit Emlie Weber headquater


Welcome dinner



Spring 2013 - Spain, San Sebastiano

Hosted by Irizar

Group photo


Visit Irizar Factory



Fall 2012 - Portugal, Lisboa

Hosted by Frota Azul


Group photo




Spring 2012 - Finland, Vierumaki

Hosted by GPN Finland


Group photo


Fall 2011 - Turkey, Istanbul

Hosted by Ikee Travel


At business


Spring 2011 - Estonia, Tallinn

Hosted by Hansabuss


Group photo


Fall 2010 - Iceland, Reykjavik

hosted by Reykjavik Excursions


Land of Volcanoes


Spring 2010 - Danmark, Copenhagen

hosted by Vikingbus


Group photo


Fall 2009 - Romania, Bucharest

hosted by


Group photo


Spring 2009 - Israel, Tel-Aviv

hosted by Maya Tours


Tari  joined GPN in March 2009 at the General Meeting hold in Israel, Tel Aviv hosted by Maya tours, its representative member in Israel.  Its application for network membership was sponsored and seconded by Frota Azul, the  GPN member in Portugal. After Tari’s presentation, following the bylaws, GPN members in a close session, discussed if Tari met all established GPN standards and afterwards, his application was voted unanimously.


First meeting


Group photo